FAQ | Adelaide | Miss Nude Australia

Q: Where and when is Miss Nude Australia?
A: Miss Nude Australia is held yearly at the iconic Crazy Horse located at 143 Hindely Street in Adelaide.


Q: Who will be hosting the show?
A: Tbc 


Q: Who are this year's sponsors?
A: Lady Love Pole studio Vigorous Array, The Roxy Studio, Fiona Smith Dance Creatives, Ginger Candy, Moet, Hennessy, Patrice Catanzaro France, The Bronzer, Apogee Model Management.


Q: Who can compete in the Miss Nude Australia competition?
 A: The Miss Nude Australia is an invitational pageant series, which means it is not open to the general public. You must be a state winner or 1st runner-up from an Australian venue that currently holds this yearly event. 


Q: What's expected of me as a performer over the 3 nights?
A: You are required to be at the venue for rehearsal and the full duration of the event until all 3 nights are complete and scores are finalised! 


Q: What type of show can I perform?
A: You are expected to do a rehearsed, theatrical show, your own design and choice. Your costume is expected to be unique, elaborate, glitzy and Glam! The judges are expecting and want a real wow factor! 


Q: Props - Can I use Silks Arial or Fire?
A: Yes our stage has the ability to use all of the above. However, if you are to use silks or Arial props such as a hoop you must bring your own rigging Caribbean. The Use of pyrotechnics is allowed but must have the pageant coordinator and stage crew aware that these props are going to be used.


Q: How big is the stage? Do the polls spin or are they static?
A: The Crazy Horse has 5 spinning poles which are thin. It has a shower with a roof water ring and water ring on the bottom. 

Stage Width: 7 meters
Length- (Top Part ) 7 meters
Catwalk Length: 7 meters
Shower Width 2.7 meters
Floor To Ceiling / For Arial 4 meters 


Q: What format do I present my music?

A: You must bring your music with you to rehearsal date either on a USB or CD. Your music must be pre mixed, and of the highest quality. Your set is to be between 12-14 minutes only, no longer! Any longer and points may be deducted. 


Q: Will there be a stage crew? Or do I need to bring people?
A: You will not need to bring people with you. We have a fully equipped stagehand team of people ready to help.


Q: Are they Any special rules I should know or remember?
A: Yes - At no point in the pageant are you to approach or speak to any of the judging panels. This is a absolute no and if done you may be disqualified from the pageant. 


Q: I need to ask further questions who can I go to for help?
A: You can contact Miss Nude Australia here  contact@crazyhorse.com.au